Meet the team


Callum aka "Sketch" is our climbing coach, route setter and coffee/gear snob aficionado extraordinaire. He is a keen freelancer whose drive is to encourage professionalisation of the climbing industry through leading by example; NICAS is an excellent youth pathway, and the GRIGRI/Shunt route setting days are well behind us ladies and gentlemen!

Establishing himself as a thorn in Phil’s backside in their university days, Sketch has endured many an excursion with him ranging from a 40-trad-lead-SPA-consolidation-weekend-marathon to winter mountaineering in the Bavarian Alps, with plenty more of the world left to explore and peaks to summit. Sketch is equally at home running at an icefall shouting “Me first, me first!” with ice axes raised, as he is slouched at the bar ordering a pint of his favourite Farmer’s Blonde after sacking off a midge infested crag ranting about how that E1 was “Just f***ing impossible”.

His interests, alongside all disciplines of climbing (except Speed), include being a passionate route setter, introducing others to this magical world of climbing, fondling every bit of shiny new kit he sees, skiing, and offering absolutely useless beta. Areas of expertise that he can be called upon range from writing procedures for climbing walls, to coaching, to equipment recommendations and reviews.

He’s always happy to discuss industry trends, latest sends and even Brexit if someone else is buying the round. His current personal objectives are to climb sport f8a before his 30th, be present at the inaugural Sport Climbing Olympics at Tokyo 2020 (will Coxey be there??) and to explore one of the Greater Ranges including bagging a noteworthy summit.

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