Meet the team


Phil is our fountain of useless and bizarre knowledge stemming from his background as a geospatial professional, mountain leader, navigation tutor, climbing instructor and post-16 skills trainer. Having grown up in the lower Alps on the border between Austria, Germany and Switzerland his love for the mountains only grew stronger when he (stupidly) decided to move to the (almost) least mountaineous area of the UK.

After meeting "Sketch" at University the two of them have developed into a solid rope team and all-round adventure partnership (read: Sketch found particular pleasure in discovering Phil's various buttons...). While both have contributed their fair share of funny, ridiculous and at times borderline dangerous anecdotes they have by and large perfected the art of keeping each other alive. This shows in their calm and measured attitude to risk and danger: "Phil, don't do that again" (Following a rapid, unplanned, slide down a steep rock chute on Skye). Phil is equally at home in the Scottish Highlands as well as the rolling lowlands of the south. Climbing wise he prefers mountains to sea cliffs, not least due to a notable seagull incident in his early UK climbing days. Skiing since he was barely able to stand on two slats of wood he enjoys his former home as a tourist now, though his parent's digs have provided the base for alpine adventures on a few occasions now.

Outside of most things outdoors Phil has a particular interest in training and coaching methodologies, geospatial analysis and geodata "magic", statistical manipulation and risk behaviour research. Phil is more than happy to provide his expert input on all of these and indeed anything else he writes about or teaches in. Alongside his full-time job in the geospatial industry he also runs his own outdoor adventure company Chasing Peaks and through this also trades as Chasing Maps, a specialist mapping provider.

Over a pint Phil is always happy to discuss the outdoor or geospatial industry as a whole as well as specific routes and ideas. Personal goals include many including alpine ascents, classic UK rock routes, long distance trails and obtaining the MCI (Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, formerly MIA) and IML (International Mountain Leader) qualifications.

Phil's most recent ramblings